What is Wattle? And our History

The first thing many people ask me is "what is Wattle?" Other than being part of our namesake, Wattle is also the national flora of Australia and is featured on the coat of arms, along with the Emu and Kangaroo. Wattle is an Australian native tree that flowers every spring and summer with small fluffy yellow spherical flowers and a sweet, beautiful fragrance that fills the air each season. While wattle does grow in other places such as South Africa, its known by other names such as Mimosa and Acacia.

Wattle was chosen because as an Australian expat, I wanted something that would represent Australia. Willow was chosen simply because I love the tree, I remember as a kid down by the river banks, swinging on the branches.  That being said, I also wanted a plant to represent the USA, and while it may not be a national symbol, it holds wonderful memories for me, it grows in abundance in the US. In fact we have a large willow in our yard.

Years ago, when I was involved in the paper arts industry, I started a blog called Willow & Wattle: The Wanderings of an Australian Expat. Named for the flora of the U.S. (willow) and Australia (wattle), it was a homage to the two nations I belong to, and was dedicated to lifestyle, memories and family life from the perspective of an Aussie.

After college and several moves to various states around the U.S., back to Australia and return to the U.S., I kept the name with the intention of restarting the blog, and eventually opening a store. More years and dabbling in fine arts later, finally settling into rural life in west central Wisconsin, the time came where I could become a creator and have my dreams realized. 

Working and spending any free time playing with various crafty things, I was introduced to resin and customizable tumblers. That, I thought, would be my store attributes. But before I could actually begin making tumblers from the small stock I had, my focus drifted more into jewelry making. I bought sterling silver precious metal clay and began playing around with acrylic and Swarovski crystals, eventually deciding that jewelry was not only fun, but was a hands on, creative and artistic endeavor that I wanted to continue.  

And so, here we are.