The Joy Of The Process

Having been into the arts for most of my life, I’ve seen and experienced quite a few different areas of what we might consider ‘art form’. From a traditional oil painting to ceramics to the art of metal and silver smithing, each one has a unique and varied process of creating that idea, bringing a thought to a physical reality. 
When I started on that jewelry path, so to speak, my goal was to create unique items that were a little vintage, mixed with a timeless, feminine quality, inspired by the beauty and gentle grace of the world we see around us.

Course, I dove right in. I don’t like to start at the shallow end, the deep end is for diving, right? Maybe it’s due a little impatience on my part, but the process of learning for me is a huge part of what I do. I take joy in discovering, trying new things, literally getting my hands dirty with polish and seeing how that piece of sterling silver or brass comes together with the right amount of solder. 

I pray that the joy I have in my process of creating for you, is seen in each piece I make, to the best of my ability, always striving to do better.